Years ago, the question of a map being important wasn’t as relevant as it is today. Nowadays almost everything is automated; we have Smartphone apps for just about anything and in abundance. Who needs a map anyway right? Wrong.

A world map can teach you a great deal about the planet you live on. It can show you where you live relative to other people. It can spark your interest and teach you more about individual continents and countries. In short, it puts the globe into perspective, certainly reminding you that yours is not the only country. A map is also highly informative as it exactly depicts very important and relevant information.

Some of the important things we learn from a map are:
• The geographic location of continents and countries. i.e. (Brazil is in South America, Spain is in Europe, Russia is in Asia)
• The borders between countries
• The size of countries and continents
• The names of the countries
• It provides a better understanding of current news events. For example, if you see something on the news about Greece, you will know which country they are talking about and where it is located.
• It connects us to the areas surrounding us.

There are many different kinds of maps that provide different types of information. Some give you an idea about locations, others represent information and images that give us insight into the landscapes, weather and natural elements found in an area. All of these help us to better understand our world.