To a child, the world, on a bigger scale, is as small as what they’ve seen and experienced. Yes, many of them know that there is more to the world than just their town, city or country, but can they really imagine the size? Teaching your child about the world at large using the world map will broaden their understanding and open their horizons. So get ready to get them curious about the world they live in.

Things to think of when teaching your child about the world.
Don’t just teach them about the countries and borders they can see on the map. Use the time to educate your child about the individual cultural aspects found in each country. Get them interested in the people, the traditions, they ideas and the history of each individual country.
• Use the map to teach them continent by continent.
• Make it fun and interactive for them (take a look at our game ideas)
• Encourage your child to conduct their own research. Show them where to find more information about the world map and the individual countries.
• Get them interested in the history of the world. Where it began, how it all started.

Teaching your child about the world, not only unlocks their minds to the endless possibilities out there, it also gives them a way to place themselves in the world. What they’ve always known will be greatly challenged, and it will help them form a healthy image of the world at large.