We’ve cooked up some pretty great game ideas. Use the interactive world map found on the website to help you out while your children learn about the earth.

Guess the Country
Let your child take a look at the map and learn the countries names and locations. Then, when they are ready, start the timer and give them 2 minutes to guess 10 countries correctly. Set up a prize system for them as an added incentive.
Make it easier by concentrating on countries out of one continent at a time.

Guess the Continent
This is much the same as Guess the Country, but in this game you choose a country and ask them on which continent it can be found.
Make it fun by giving them a prize for 5 or 10 correct answers.

Which country do I come from?
This game requires you do some research. Have fun researching the different countries and their cultures. Get your child involved and have him pick 10 countries he thinks he would be most interested to learn about. Learn about their language, traditional dances, traditional clothes, the anthem and a bit of their history. Then set up a few questions for your child to answer.
Make it even more interactive by printing pictures relevant to the country and playing sounds like music and language that will help him recognize the country.

Each country offers an amazing new fountain of knowledge for your child. Let him be actively involved and encourage his interest in the world.