Why a world map is important

Years ago, the question of a map being important wasn’t as relevant as it is today. Nowadays almost everything is automated; we have Smartphone apps for just about anything and in abundance. Who needs a map anyway right? Wrong. A world map can teach you a great deal about the planet you live on. It […]

The history of maps

People have been using maps for centuries to accurately find their way through lands. The oldest representation of a map is actually not a land map, but a map of the stars painted on a cave wall. This dates back to 16 500 BC. From very early on, mankind recognized the importance of a map […]

Teaching your kids about the world

To a child, the world, on a bigger scale, is as small as what they’ve seen and experienced. Yes, many of them know that there is more to the world than just their town, city or country, but can they really imagine the size? Teaching your child about the world at large using the world […]

How to use the world map

Using the world map on the website is really quite straightforward. Position your mouse pointer over the different countries to see the name of the country below the map. If you’d like to isolate a continent so that you can learn more about that specific continent and its countries, you can click on the options […]

Game Idead

We’ve cooked up some pretty great game ideas. Use the interactive world map found on the website to help you out while your children learn about the earth. Guess the CountryLet your child take a look at the map and learn the countries names and locations. Then, when they are ready, start the timer and […]