Do you need to teach your kids about world continent or countries?
Learning can be fun when teaching your kids.
World Map is the application for you.
Let your kid learn what and where the country is located.
To check if the answer is right all you need to do is just mouse the mouse to know what country it is.
Choose if you want use world map or by continent (Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia).

How to use the world map

Using the world map on the website is really quite straightforward. Position your mouse pointer over the different countries to see the name of the country below the map. If you’d like to isolate a continent so that you can learn more about that specific continent and its countries, you can click on the options above the map.

The world map consists of 7 different continents
Africa – shown on map
Europe – shown on map
Asia – shown on map
North America – shown on map
South America – shown on map
Australia – shown on map
Antarctica – not shown on map
The map easily lets you recognize different countries as you hover over them. They’re separated not only by border and color, but each country will “pop” out as you move over it. This makes it very easy to identify the exact area of the country.

As you learn the names of each country, why not investigate further? Do research and find out about the people that live there, or the landscape that you can find there. Is it a developed or developing country? Is it still very rural or does it sport major metropolitan cities?

Use the map as a reference while you study or help your kids study for their tests. Pique their interest further by making it exciting for them. Test their knowledge by asking questions about the map or asking them to name the continents and the countries. Interactive learning makes it easier for some children to grasp what they’re learning, so use the world map to enhance their geography studies or let them just have fun browsing through the different countries.

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